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Finally Sound like you imagine


"I help artists & labels to stand out by providing them the best quality possible with high-end AND creative recording solutions, project management, editing, mixing and mastering.  I believe team​ work is the most important thing in order to help you achieve your ARTISTIC vision and TOGETHER create something great."

project management

You're not alone. Let me manage your project from start to finish.


Record with some of the best vocal microphones in the world (Sony C800G, Neumann U67 Tube, Neumann U87, Telefunken ELA M 251, Telefunken U47 Tube, etc.)


Get your song sounding professionnal. I will ensure it sounds clear, warm, punchy, well leveled, and blends together. I will also take the time to help you create those crazy effects you may have in mind.


Get your song polished and optimized. We'll make sure they are ready for CD replication, Online streaming services and radio).


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